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I believe a Rose Quartz and an Amethyst make a... Smoky Quartz!

Smoky Quartz





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Smoky Quartz is the fusion of Steven and Amethyst, and is Steven's first fusion with a Gem. They formed for the very first time of their debut episode, "Earthlings".



Smoky Quartz has three arms; one right arm and one left arm with two fore-arms stemming from the elbow, a darkish mauve complexion, darkish bushy eyebrows, and peach freckles on their cheeks and shoulders. Their hair is analogous in shape to Amethyst's, reaching right down to their shoulders; the darkish brown coloration and slight curl being derived from Steven. Their hair often obscures their left eye. They are slightly taller than Jasper and have a large, vast build which stems from each Steven and Amethyst's fuller physique structure. They've plump lips, a small nostril, and a round face.

Like Stevonnie, their outfit is a mix of the individual outfits of their parts. Of their case, Smoky Quartz has a pale mauve version of Amethyst's tank high with a jagged bottom peeking out from beneath Steven's purple t-shirt with a yellow star, which is now off-shoulder and stretched out, both of which are actually midriffs, along with Steven's denims, which now resemble jean shorts, and Amethyst's dark mauve boots and black leggings with mauve stars on the knees. Their gemstones are situated on their chest and navel.


Amethyst tries to act like she does not care what everyone thinks, but she actually cares, she's very nervous all of the time. However with Steven's help, that nervousness is gone, and that's Smoky!

As a fusion, Smoky Quartz adopts each Steven's and Amethyst's personalities. On this case, Smoky Quartz has a proud, carefree, excited, and comfortable-go-lucky perspective. They're described by Rebecca Sugar as being "an enormous glad kid with a yo-yo". They also have a humorous and relaxed facet to their personality with a tendency to make jokes even in the heat of battle. They restored some confidence to Amethyst, who had turn out to be depressed and unmotivated after being poofed by the hands of Jasper and ultimately unneeded when Stevonnie gained the battle. Their humor can be slightly self-deprecating at times, as shown in the episode, "Know Your Fusion".

They're extremely assured in battle because of their cooperators' belief in each other, and consequently, they're a reasonably stable fusion. Nevertheless, like most fusions, they'll defuse when below stress or intense emotion, as shown upon witnessing the beginning of Jasper's Corruption.

Nevertheless, as proven in "Know Your Fusion", Smoky additionally has both of Steven and Amethyst's self-doubts added collectively. During Sardonyx's attempt to find a more "severe" side to their combating type exterior of their yo-yo weapon, Smoky was shown to lose an increasing number of self-confidence in themself as they failed at each check thrown at them. They make statements equivalent to "zero plus zero equals zero" and "two wrongs do not make a right. I suppose I'm residing proof that's true," even going so far as to call themself "one big super-unsuitable, good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo."

Historical past


As Amethyst struggles with her fight against Jasper within the Beta Kindergarten, she comes to the disheartening realization that she will never be as strong as her opponent. She expresses her despair to Steven, who reminds her that though they are "both not like anyone," they not less than have each other. Amethyst is comforted by Steven's phrases, and the two embrace, fusing into Smoky Quartz for the primary time. The new fusion engages Jasper, combining their yo-yo and agility to successfully combat the Homeworld Gem. Refusing to be defeated by another fusion, Jasper rushes over to one in all her imprisoned Corrupted Gems and fuses along with her. The Corrupted fusion attempts to assault Smoky, who spins their yo-yo, pushing her again with the highly effective winds. The corrupted fusion holds her floor and continues to advance. In response, Smoky pulls out two extra yo-yos, and by spinning all three, creates a twister that lifts the corrupted fusion into the air the place she un-fuses. Jasper makes an attempt to fuse again with the Gem Monster, telling her that they will defeat Smoky if they keep together. The tornado subsides and the two fall to the bottom. Smoky celebrates their victory because the Gem Monster runs away. They abruptly stop, noticing the onset of Jasper's corruption. Feeling disconcerted, the fusion subsequently un-fuses.

"Know Your Fusion"

Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz to indicate Garnet and Pearl. The 2 Crystal Gems are stunned and overjoyed. As Smoky begins to demonstrate their yo-yo tricks, destroying elements of the House in the method, Garnet and Pearl fuse into Sardonyx. She is excited to fulfill Smoky, and suggests that they want a bigger "stage" to get to know each other. She takes them to her room within the Crystal Temple, the place she hosts her present, Sardonyx Tonight. In the beginning of the present, Sardonyx asks Smoky questions, hoping to be taught more about them and their talents. Smoky replies that they "ain't precisely a deck of playing cards," not having a lot to talk about apart from their yo-yo. Sardonyx begins the next segment of her present during which she has Smoky carry out a collection of tests to show their talents. Smoky is compared to the other fusions of their assessments involving archery, strength, and hearth respiratory. Smoky performs poorly on every one, and feeling incompetent, begins to disparage themself. Sardonyx turns into dismayed realizing that she had ruined Smoky's plan to impress Garnet and Pearl, and un-fuses. With out Sardonyx, the room begins to fall apart. Smoky acts quickly, utilizing their yo-yo to grapple out of the room whereas carrying Garnet and Pearl. As they spill back into the Seashore Home, Smoky un-fuses.

"Back to the Kindergarten"


Smoky Quartz's yo-yo (made out of Steven's shield and Amethyst's whip).

Smoky Quartz possesses customary Gem talents and traits. Based on Sardonyx's strength-tester in "Know Your Fusion", they're roughly equal to Garnet in uncooked power.


Smoky Quartz forming a yo-yo.

  • Yo-yo Proficiency: Smoky Quartz can rework Steven's shield and Amethyst's whip right into a multi-colored crystalline yo-yo. They will use this to swing from and to completely different platforms as well as to attack opponents and wrap it round objects. Smoky Quartz can use up to a few yo-yos without delay (one for every arm). It is a surprisingly versatile weapon, being a helpful shut range weapon and able to extending over lengthy distances for ranged attacks. - Yo-yo Spin: Smoky Quartz can spin themself rapidly, causing their yo-yo to swing in a short time, which can be utilized as an offensive maneuver.
  • Yo-yo Fans: Smoky Quartz is able to spinning their yo-yo(s) with great velocity, creating sturdy enough winds to push back a heavy-constructed Gem like Jasper. - Yo-Yo Whirlwind: When spinning all three of their yo-yos, Smoky can generate a tornado capable of lifting large gems such as the Corrupted Jasper Fusion into the air.

- Yo-yo Squeeze: Very similar to Amethyst together with her whip, Smoky can wrap their yo-yo around an object, then pull on the yo-yo to tighten its string until it damages the article, as proven in "Back to the Kindergarten".

Distinctive Abilities

  • Velocity of Descent Regulation: Smoky Quartz is shown to be able to land softly from an amazing peak. In some scenes, it appears that evidently the yo-yo assists in helping to glide across distances.
  • Fast Spin: Smoky Quartz is proven to have the ability to spin like a prime, utilizing their momentum to knock enemies back earlier than delivering another blow with their yo-yo.



Forget your identify; you have got a combat to win!

There has been restricted interplay between Peridot and Smoky Quartz, however it is shown that Peridot is very supportive in their combat, trying to make use of her ferrokinesis to dislodge a piece of scrap steel to assist them defeat Jasper. She also cheers Smoky on and laughs when they hit Jasper with their yo-yo. Peridot additionally wishes to make an enormous yo-yo "meep morp" of their honor.


Is fusion the one trick you Crystal Gems know?!

Attributable to her dislike of combating fusions, Jasper is especially exasperated by Smoky Quartz. Upon first seeing them, Jasper commented that fusion was the one tactic the Crystal Gems had. After realizing she could not win in opposition to them, she exclaimed that she wouldn't lose in opposition to one more fusion. Ironically, this incited her to fuse with a Corrupted Gem, which ultimately leads to her personal Corruption. Seeing Jasper's infection upsets Smoky enough to de-fuse.


Oh, what a pleasure it's to fulfill you! If you loved this information and you wish to receive more details concerning Monster T-Shirts assure visit our web site. You have made fairly the impression already!

Smoky Quartz assembly Sardonyx.

When Steven and Amethyst fuse to show Garnet and Pearl the latter end up fusing into Sardonyx. Sardonyx leads them into a present in a room, made solely when Sardonyx exists. On this show, Sardonyx tries to search out one thing aside from the yo-yo that Smoky Quartz can make the most of, however unbeknownst to her, this causes Smoky to change into nervous and upset. As soon as Smoky begins to insult themself harshly after failing the third take a look at, Sardonyx realizes what she has accomplished and de-fuses.

Garnet & Pearl

Don't trouble putting your socks back on, 'cause I'm about to knock 'em off again!

Garnet and Pearl have been each shocked and excited once they first met Smoky Quartz. After they un-fuse in "Know Your Fusion", they eagerly ask Amethyst and Steven questions about the weather of their fusion they'd chosen to display, such because the attributes of the yo-yo weapon/"toy".

Episode Appearances


Earliest Smoky Quartz concept artwork by Rebecca Sugar.

  • Their voice actress, Natasha Lyonne, was revealed within the credit roll of "Restaurant Wars".
  • Smoky Quartz is Steven's first fusion with a Gem.
  • Smoky Quartz is the first known fusion between two Quartz Gems. - Smoky Quartz can also be the first confirmed Crystal Gem fusion between two of the same type of Gem (quartzes).

Steven and Amethyst once they unfuse from Smoky Quartz.

  • When Steven and Amethyst defuse, they part apart. Amethyst's form converts to gentle, whereas Steven retains his organic form and merely splits away from Amethyst. Their voices also overlap.
  • Smoky Quartz's yo-yo is the primary summoned weapon to not be medieval themed.
  • Smoky Quartz's yo-yo tips were based on yo-yo grasp Tom Black's tricks from Cirque du Soleil.[2]
  • It's implied in "Know Your Fusion" that Rose and Amethyst never fused.
  • Smoky Quartz is the only fusion involving Amethyst that does not have lengthy hair. - However, Smoky's hair is wild and messy, like Sugilite and Alexandrite.


A real life smoky quartz gemstone.

  • Smoky quartz has the repeating compound SiO2.
  • Smoky quartz ranges in coloration from mild grayish-brown to deep black. - This coloration outcomes from partial aluminum substitution within the crystal lattice, mixed with lengthy-term exposure to natural radionuclides (most commonly potassium-40). This primarily results in an electron re-balancing, that causes the brown coloration.



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